China Peak/Sierra Summit

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I was raised at China peak, which is a small ski resort located in the mountains out of Fresno, California. I am a small town girl, and super proud of where I'm from! My mom is the ski-school director at China Peak, so I grew up with amazing people from all around the world who loved skiing and the snow. I began skiing at 2 and I raced when I was younger. I began teaching skiing when I was 14. I have spent the past 5 years as a winter Special Olympics coach with unbelievable athletes who have changed my life. I am currently going to school, majoring in psychology to become a behavioral therapist for children with special needs. I played water polo in high school, and swam competitively for a really long time. I enjoy paddle-boarding, hiking, skiing, water skiing, and spending time in the wilderness were no one can find me. In winter I have to deal with a condition called Chilblains; basically I'm abnormally susceptible to frost bite... But I love the snow so it's a risk I have to take. I firmly believe that whoever said "diamonds are a girls' best friend" never owned skis.

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